and a little opinion

How important do you think personality is to employers?

To answer this question you have to look at the process employers go through in hiring people.

They draft a job specification, create and place recruitment adverts, perhaps instruct recruitment agencies, sift through CVs, spend time on the phone with candidates, interview several candidates perhaps two or three times. There are several people that will speak to you and possibly even meet with you before a hiring decision is made.

So despite the fact that it takes a ton of time and a lot of money, employers make the effort to talk to you and meet with you. Why?

Are they asking anything that couldn’t be answered in a form? Not really. Are they gaining any factual information that couldn’t be included in a CV? Yes, but not much. Then why do they go to all the trouble and expense of speaking to you and meeting you face to face?

Well quite simply it’s because they want to know who you are. They feel that they will get a better idea of what type of person they may be working with if they spend time with you. They are trying to get a feel for your personality.

Employers spend millions on personality profiling every year. That’s how important personality is to employers.

So if you want to get an employer’s attention, get that vital interview, and make their life a little easier, give them something about your personality from the outset. Include your Certified Personality Profile in your CV and your job application.