Flexible Pricing

1. Recruitment, Retention, Development and Management reports

You choose how much you spend

PCEvaluate does not provide a prescriptive service. Instead clients can easily and quickly construct custom reports from an immense library of profiling topics to suit the task in hand.

Topics start from as low as £5 each and any number can be added to an individual report. Volume discounting can also be applied.

2. Benchmarking

Using the PCEvaluate Benchmarking tools is simple whether you are benchmarking an existing role to fill, or creating a benchmark for an entirely new role.

Existing role (historical benchmarking) – typically we encourage employers to benchmark using at least  existing employee profiles, which are charged at the equivalent rate as Recruitment reports.

New role (competency based) – the cost of manually creating a benchmark, using our unique questionnaire to define the traits that will be required for the role (competency based), is available upon request.

3. Team building

The PCEvaluate Team building service costs are determined by the size of the team and complexity of the objective that your new team faces . Please contact us directly to chat through your requirements.