Report Builder

Our reports can be easily customised to meet every recruitment, assessment and development requirement. Our reports are comprised of selected Personality Topics, which can be assembled for your specific needs. In total, we have 39 Recruitment Library Topics, 9 Manager Library Topics, and 48 Coaching Library Topics.

An individual Topic covers a subject such as a candidate’s Communication Style in depth.  With our experience of delivering over 1.4 million reports, we have prepared recommended Report Packages for various common purposes.  Click the links on the right to view example reports or to download the full library of Topics in each report category.

A typical report for recruitment purposes, might comprise 7-10 Topics which are reported on in detail for each individual’s specific personality type.  This means that you can compare like with like, when assessing individuals for recruitment, training or development.


To trial the PCEvaluate service for free, simply;

  • Complete the BUILD YOUR REPORT form, selecting the report topics you would like to include in your trial profile report.
  • OR contact us directly on 0141 637 9000, via mail@pcevaluate.com