Before you embark on any training or development programme you should seek to understand your people as well as you can so that the development training is right for the individual. PCEvaluate offers a range of insightful reports on many subjects which can be shared with the staff member as part of the planning stage of a professional development programme.

For example, here are just some of the personality-related report categories we can provide:

Analytical reasoning

Anger management

Challenging areas – What you struggle with most



Complying with company ethics and values

Creativity and flair

Dealing with the public

Decision making


Interpersonal skills


Learning style for development and training

Making presentations

Management style



Sales ability

Self esteem

Team building

Team handling

Time management


PCEvaluate reports also provide coaches with unique insight into the learning styles of staff so that training is meaningful and effective. To find out about the full range of coaching and development reports we offer please contact us directly.