For Jobseekers

If you’re applying for jobs but not getting enough interviews then you need to do whatever you can to make your CV stand out.

Some people will embellish or exaggerate in their CV only for it to bite them at the interview stage.

A far better approach is to give the recruiter something extra of relevance, of interest and which can be validated by them prior to the interview.

The Certified Personality Profile from PCReveal.com provides just that. An extra dimension to your CV and on your application, which will catch the recruiter’s eye and help you get noticed over the hundreds of other CVs they have to review.

Click on the picture below to see examples of small and large Certificates (the page opens in a new window).


Embed the small version into your main CV and attach the large version to the back of your CV or application form.

Employers want to know who you are and your Certified Personality Profile can help them. Personality profiling make an employer’s life easier and you stand more chance of getting an interview.