The PCEvaluate Integration Spectrum

At PCEvaluate, we understand the power of Job Fit and we believe that technology should not be a barrier. As a result, PCEvaluate has an integration to fit the business and technical requirements of almost any client.

Integrations can be as simple as our “no tech” hosted “Dashboard” solution or as complete as our Level-5 Integration. In fact, we are so good at partnering that integrations can take less than 1-2 weeks from the start of the project depending on the level chosen. Compare that with 2-6 months required by our competitors.

Level 1 integration (Dashboard)

With our front-end application “Dashboard”, our clients can leverage the power of PeopleClues assessments “today”. In a branded environment participants can apply for jobs, take the assessment and hiring managers can quickly sort and compare candidates. We even have mobile capabilities! The Dashboard has some limited integration capabilities so that participants can be sent to the Dashboard to complete assessments and returned to your application. Then you will log into the Dashboard to see results.

Level 2 integration 

Already have a front-end but you need a simplified integration capability? By providing very little information, your front-end can request an assessment link, which allows the candidate to complete an assessment on our PeopleClues’ servers. Once the candidate has completed the assessments, the results (scores and report links) are returned to your front-end. Clicking those report links will display reports directly from the PeopleClues servers. Hosted report links are stored indefinitely and can be shared via email.

Level 3 integration 

Business requirements necessitate local display of report content? Your front-end can request an assessment link, allow the candidate to complete an assessment on our PeopleClues’ servers, but the xml data contents of each report will be delivered on demand to your front-end so you can style and display reports.

Level 4 integration

Can your front-end handle the overhead of security protocols like OAuth? Level 4 includes all the features of level 3 but adds an extra level of security by requiring OAuth authentication.

Level 5 integration

Do you require all the benefits of a level 4 integration but need complete control over the user experience? Level 5 integrations allow the client front-end to host the assessment experience sending the participant responses to the PeopleClues’ servers and also requesting xml data report content to display reports on your front-end. The entire user experience (candidate and admin user) will be on your front-end. All communications are handled over a secure, authenticated, connection.