Testing & Assessments

Our testing and assessment solutions are designed to help you reduce employee turnover and improve employee performance by ensuring you can quickly and accurately identify the best candidates for any given job role and help them to develop throughout the employee’s lifecycle.


PCEvaluate offers the the award winning and industry recognised PeopleClues range of psychometric tests and assessments, ensuring that you have much more to go on than just a CV and interview process alone and provide insights into:

  1. Job Fit (Personality & Cognitive Ability)
  2. Company Fit (Attitude & Engagement)

Combining assessments for Personality, Cognitive Ability, Attitude, Engagement, you get to see the full picture on whether you’re looking at a future top performer or someone who will struggle to fit and perform well.

We all have different aptitudes, attitudes, values and personalities. Luckily, the working world needs people of varying different talents. Good Accountants have attention to detail and strong numerical reasoning whereas good Sales people have drive and strong verbal reasoning.

Ensuring your candidates have a good workplace attitude, are engaged and have the right amount of ability and a close personality match to the daily needs of the role is a critical component of lowering employee turnover and selecting top performers and will improve your Quality-of-Hire.