The PCEvaluate Pricing Model

We firmly believe that our clients only get full value from the PCEvaluate Assessment System when they feel free to use the service throughout their organisation. We know that most firms will be used to buying psychometric reports in small volumes, and perhaps only for senior level positions. This is usually because of the very high costs involved, the need to engage trained consultants to interpret reports, and the complexity of the whole process.

This is why we much prefer to offer “unlimited use” annual licenses to our clients. This means that rather than saving costly assessment to only shortlisted applicants, every single applicant can be assessed automatically at the very beginning of the recruitment process. Studies show that the earlier you introduce assessments to your processes, the more accurate and effective your recruitment will be.

Even better than that, our “Unlimited Use License” means employers are entirely free to fully exploit our system to assess existing staff members throughout their organisations. This is extremely valuable in staff appraisals, training and development, and succession planning, when you want to ensure your staff are well suited to their roles, could benefit from further training, or be earmarked for more responsibilities.

We are able to price your “Unlimited Use License” according to the number of employees you have, either in your entire organisation, or the particular division you want to use or products for.

Our annual licence fees are based on employee headcount and are broken down into different price bands. For example, an employer with 300 staff could assess all employees and typically over 300 job applicants in a year. This then actually works out at less than £18 per assessment:

Employee Headcount Price Per Employee Typical Licence Cost
1 – 25 £60 £1,500 (Minimum)
26 – 100 £50 £2,500
101 – 250 £40 £4,000
251 – 500 £35 £8,750
501 – 1,000 £30 £15,000
1,000+ £25 £25,000

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