Pre-Hire Attitude


Identify and screen out poor attitudes before they become your employee with an attitude.

The Attitude tool shows the candidate’s attitudes toward work and work-related issues by measuring for counter-productive behaviours. With it you can;

Identify Level of Concern

Identify the level of concern regarding candidate’s attitudes around Hostility, Theft, Dependability, Sexual Harassment, Computer Misuse and Substance Abuse.

Shorten Your Interview Process

Streamline and shorten your interview process with behavioural questions specific to the candidate’s responses regarding counter-productive attitudes.

Attitude Assessment

Completion time: 10-20 minutes


Explanations for all the scores and what they mean for all the counter-productive attitudes measured.


Graphic style that gives a quick overall idea if there are any areas of concern and what they might be.

Interview Questions

Follow-up interview questions, dynamically generated based on the candidate’s responses to the attitude assessment questions.

Sample Reports (click below)


Attitude Interpretive


Attitude Graphic


Attitude Behavioural Interview Questions