Custom Benchmarks


Custom Benchmarks allow you to create a specific ‘success profile’ for your company.

The benefits of having custom benchmarks include:

Uniquely identify what traits work for specific jobs within your company

If you have more than 10 people in a particular position, it is critical to understand what is ‘unique’ about which traits work the best rather than relying permanently on the ‘generic’ benchmarks. Generic benchmarks are created for companies across many industries and sizes.

Increase defensibility of your screening process

The more that is done to demonstrate that you are statistically evaluating which traits work for your positions and company, the easier it is to defend your process and why some individuals get hired versus others who are screened out.

Clarify ‘what’ you’re looking for in your job hires

During the process of conducting a benchmarking study, many clients will discover that they have not clearly defined what it is they are looking for within a particular role. This impacts their job posting, job description and certainly their hiring process.

Why custom benchmarking

Every company is different. We all have unique cultures, values and missions that make us successful. So why would you compare your manager to one from a completely different company? With custom benchmarking, we look at your employees to see what makes them successful, discover unique traits they have and look at how they excel in your company. Then, we’ll use that data to create a one-of-a-kind study to help you reduce turnover, increase engagement and improve success in the workplace. By statistically evaluating what works for certain roles, you are improving the defensibility of your hiring process.

How it works

We compare top and bottom performers for a particular role to identify desirable and undesirable personality characteristics that provide a specific “job fit” score that is best for your company. After candidates complete the personality assessment with custom benchmarking in the PeopleMatter system, the score is prominently displayed, giving you the ability to move forward with candidates who are in line with your top performers and screen out those who are not. You will also receive a PDF document with the full custom benchmarking report and analysis.

These are the areas we assess…


…and the results are easy to read!

The graph is colour-coded to define the benchmark for each scale. Green is defined as a “good” score, yellow is “okay” and red is “poor.” The red stars indicate how a particular candidate scored.


This is a characteristic that drives a desire to listen intently to customers as they are talking to ensure that their needs are being met. Top Performers may not always be perceived as overly friendly and engaging.