Hiring employees is just a start to creating a strong work force. Next, you have to keep them. Employee turnover costs business time and productivity.

There are many well recognised ways and tips for retaining staff, but each member of staff is an individual and what works for one employee may not work another. Not everyone is motivated simply by financial rewards.

Using the PCEvaluate reports, Managers can get under the ‘skin’ of each employee to see what makes them tick. Understanding the individual impacts positively on:

  • Employee communications
  • The work environment
  • Rewards and recognition programmes
  • The design of benefits packages
  • Succession planning
  • Staff development planning
  • Employee engagement

Treating your workforce as individuals is integral to winning their trust and loyalty. Meeting their individual needs is essential to maximising performance and motivation.

All of the time and cost that you normally spend on recruiting replacements can be better used on keeping your employees happy.

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