Companies use psychometric profiling to make better hiring decisions. And better hiring decisions mean fewer costly mistakes.

For any employer, it can take a couple of months to realise you’ve made a mistake, and then another few months to correct that error, and all at a very high cost to your business.

When psychometric testing manages to eliminate bad hiring decisions, it not only pays for itself many times over, but also protects your hard-earned employer brand..

With PC Evaluate profiles, employers can:

  • Understand the natural preferences and attitudes of a candidate, even before meeting them.
  • Select custom reports easily and quickly for different job roles, specific ‘soft skills’, etc.
  • Use personality profiling earlier in the recruitment process. PC Evaluate’s pricing means that you can use it more widely and inexpensively.
  • Simply compare the reports and job-fit scores from new applicants, and start interviewing the ones that most closely match your needs.
  • Understand what your ideal candidate looks like.
  • Underpin the interview stage using the candidate’s profile and suggested questions from the PC Evaluate report.
  • Significantly reduce your risk, and the time you have to spend interviewing.
  • Prioritise your applicants by ‘personality’ as well as by skills, education, etc.

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We look forward to helping you avoid costly mistakes.

Job-Fit Benchmarks

When you know what you are looking for, it’s a lot easier to see. PC Evaluate offers the preconfigured personality benchmarks for over 50 typical employment categories, which enable you to create a candidate brief, and makes the right candidate easier to spot.

You may simply want to hire more people like an existing successful employee (historical model). No problem, we can use their unique profile to create the benchmark.

For attrition, team leadership or succession planning, being able to pinpoint the most effective personality for the role is crucial and the PC Evaluate job-fit benchmarks make this possible quickly, accurately and cost effectively.

Your User Dashboard comes with a visual scores reference, so you can process hundreds of applications efficiently.

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