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Gambling on the CV Lottery

How often have you found that a CV gives you no real indication of the suitability of a particular candidate? Either a seemingly perfect candidate is a total mismatch for your company culture, or some of your best performing staff have CVs which simply wouldn’t get past your current screening process.

Until now, employers waited until the expensive, time-consuming interview stage before finding out if a candidate is a good match for their particular environment. If you wouldn’t wait until the interview to see a candidate’s CV, then why delay access to their psychometric assessment, and benchmark score against your specific requirements?

For the cost of one very small recruitment fee, you can be making faster, better hires. Cutting down your time to hire and your cost to hire not only frees up valuable time to implement strategic plans, but also reinforces your brand as a dynamic, decisive employer.

Selecting candidates for interview based solely on their CV, inevitably leads to interviewing unsuitable candidates, and more crucially, discarding some individuals who would otherwise be a great fit for your organisation. Screening applicants with only one eye open may have worked in the past, but is much less effective and efficient than it needs to be.

Selecting candidates for interview, with the benefits of a full detailed psychometric report, allows you and your hiring managers to accurately grade applicants against the benchmark for your particular needs. In tandem with their CV, both ideal and unsuitable candidates are much more easily identified. More than that, you will also have invaluable insight into the potential of any individual to thrive and prosper in your company.

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