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Do you know your “Interviewer Personality”?

Guest Blog by Louise Triance, MD of UK Recruiter
Ahead of #Trulondon I got a sneak peak at the Interview Personality Profile which PCEvaluate are offering free to attendees. As a recruiter you should know that your own personality type will affect the way in which you interview. However, you may not be totally aware of how. Rather than me waffle on about how it works here is my report from the 3 minute questionnaire:


How you interview
Your high levels of enthusiasm for most things in life mean that you can conjure positivity out of the most mundane situations. You will make a candidate feel welcome by creating a positive environment. You have plenty of time for an interview as long as it is positive and fun.

Where this works
Louise, you an eternal optimist who can’t bear to be around people who give off negative vibes so your interview questions will celebrate the positive rather than feeding off the negative. Due to your low boredom threshold you will try to make an interview fun and this will mean asking lots of interesting and exciting questions.

What you need to watch out for
You are also interested in those you meet and will ask lots of questions of them, some of these questions can be very personal but that is just your style and usually taken in the spirit in which it was meant. However, some candidates may be offended by this, especially the quieter ones.

3 Things to Remember If You Want To Make Better Hiring Decisions
1) You will need to keep an eye on the clock as you enjoy interviews and with some candidates you will easily run over your allotted time. Make sure you have your questions prepared and try and stick to the agenda.
2) The candidates that you will struggle with most come from the SW of the personality spectrum, so make allowances for this. Remember you are not looking for people who are good at interviews, you are looking for the best candidate for the job role.
3) Work really hard at letting the candidates do the talking. This is especially the case for candidates with high Introversion. You like to think on your feet, they like to mull things over. Both approaches have their place.

 The bit about seeking the positive is certainly true and so is my frustration with slow responding candidates (and people in general I’m afraid to say), I have no idea (even with my qualification in psychometrics) what “the SW of the personality spectrum” means so can’t comment on that. However, I never have a problem with time keeping. As the report states the “5 step questionnaire.. provides a low resolution insight to your personality type” – a more detailed report would have shown I’m obsessive about punctuality and also tend to rush through things.
Nevertheless I think this is a really useful tool – which if you move quickly you can test out for free yourself. Just use my link and give it a go!