and a little opinion

Yes, but what does it do?


What exactly do I get from PC Evaluate? (I hear you ask)

Well, let’s break it down into plain English.

  1. Faster and better hires.
  2. High volumes of job applicants processed, assessed, and graded, extremely quickly and efficiently.
  3. A simple and effective user dashboard to arrange new assessments with candidates, and to organise all responses and reports.
  4. A professionally validated methodology which has been approved by the British Psychological Society (BPS).
  5. An award winning candidate experience, which maintains and bolsters your employer brand.
  6. Freedom to use the product for every vacancy and for every candidate application, because of our unlimited-use license and simple pricing structure.
  7. A range of custom benchmarks to measure JobFit for all roles, and the ability to establish new benchmarks.
  8. A range of reports, written in plain English, which line managers can read and use, without the need for expensive consultants to translate.
  9. Suggested interview questions for hiring managers to use, based upon the candidate’s profile and jobfit.
  10. Reports which are designed to be part of your staff development and appraisal system.